Ofenhalle, Pfungen, 2010-2012
Brickfacade of Keller AG Headquarter

The new front facade for the modification of a former production hall into the new headquarter of the brick manufacturer Keller in Pfungen is a freestanding, sefsupporting construction of bricks in front of a steel-glass facade.
The bricks are positioned and glued together by a robot. This new manufacturing process is called ROBmade (http://www.robmade.ch).
The slight rotation of the bricks generates a vivid image of light and shadow and enhances the volumetric reading of the diagrid.

Gramazio Kohler Architects, Zurich

Client: Keller AG Ziegeleien
Collaborators: Philipp H├╝bner (project lead), Matthias Helmreich, Kathrin Hiebler, Marion Ott, Sarah Schneider
Selected experts: Engineering Steel Facade: Bona + Fischer Ingenieurb├╝ro AG, Winterthur
Building Physics Glass Facade: Raumanzug GmbH, Z├╝rich
Data Processing: R-O-B Technologies AG
Selected contractors: Brick: Keller Ziegeleien AG, Pfungen
Steel: Geilinger Fenster und Fassaden AG, Winterthur