Public Toilets, Uster, 2010-2011
Municipal Park Site

Corner Detail

This public toilet, which has been developed for the city of Uster in 2011, is a prototype for a new typology of urban infrastructure which will be installed, in different variations, at several places on the city territory over the next few years. The parametric design of its façade, consisting of folded, vertically arranged colored aluminum strips, can adapt to changing building sizes and shapes as well as, through its color scheme, to the surrounding context. The depth of the folded structure and the varying reflection angle of the light on its structure, in combination with the slightly different colors of the single strips, generate a shimmering effect that changes depending on the sun as well as the observers' position.

Gramazio Kohler Architects, Zurich

Client: City of Uster
Collaborators: Sarah Schneider (project lead), Christian Schwarzwimmer, Kathrin Hiebler
Selected contractors: Dipl.Ing. Fierz GmbH, Glattfelden (Toilet Facility)
Blaser Metallbau AG, Andelfingen (Facade Panels)
Elkuch Eisenring AG, Jonschwil (Prefab Module Encasing)